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Souers, Trevor | 7/27/2020

New MSA Business Benefit / JustPressOne Partnership

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MSA Business is excited to announce its newest MSA partnership, JustPressOne! 

JustPressOne supplies fully trained appliance office personnel. Inbound calls, outbound calls, routing and dispatching, claims processing and more. 

The best part is…
NO Payroll Complaints, Labor Issues, Workman’s Comp, Liability, Drama

• ServiceWorks Customers: 20% discount for active MSA members 
• Other Software Customers: 10% discount for active MSA members 

You pay a single flat rate for hours worked and that includes our state-of-the-art technology that reduces customer wait time with Smart Queues, texting, progressive dialers and analytics for active production monitoring.

For more information, please contact: