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Souers, Trevor | 5/18/2021

isolved / The Hartford Giveaways

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MSA is proud to announce a new MSA Partner, as well as a few new MSA giveaways. 

MSA Pro members now have access to The Hartford for both Business Insurance, as well as Voluntary Group Benefits Insurance. For more information regarding our MSA Pro partnerships and our isolved & The Hartford giveaways, please see below.   

MSA and isolved Preferred are excited to announce our isolved 50" TV Giveaway. 

Complete this 1-Minute Survey and enter to win!  

isolved is a leading human capital management software solution that once and for all truly integrates all your workforce management processes – tracking time and attendance, HR, payroll and benefits in one system.

Unlike many human capital management software solutions in the marketplace, isolved is not only fully integrated, but also completely scalable. You won’t outgrow the product - as your company expands, isolved will fit your needs - no need to change platforms. 

MSA Pro Member Benefits: 

  1. Preferred pricing (beating ADP by up to 80%)
  2. Complimentary HR support including Legal Services
  3. A Complimentary Year of MSA Pro membership dues ($299)

MSA and isolved are also proud to announce a new partnership with The Hartford. 

MSA Pro members now have access to preferred member pricing (up to a 20% discount) on the following Commercial & Business Insurance Products: 

  • Professional Liability
  • Business Owner's Policy
  • Workers' Compensation (pay-as-you-go option available via isolved)
  • Business Auto

For more information or to begin the conversation today, please submit this 1-minute The Hartford Business Insurance Survey. Once submitted, you will enter to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card.

In addition, MSA Pro members have access to Employee and Dependent Group Life, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance benefits via The Hartford.  

For more information or to begin the conversation today, please submit this 1-minute The Hartford Voluntary Insurance Survey. Once submitted, you will enter to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card.

Souers, Trevor | 3/23/2021

5 Bright Ideas from BrightDime (March 2021)

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To Our Valued MSA Pro Members, 

As a part of your MSA Pro membership, we are offering you FREE access to BrightDime to help you achieve your financial goals. Valued at $360 per year, BrightDime offers coaching, tools and content to help you manage anything causing you stress with money.

Enrollments are limited to the first of the month, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to make the most of your membership.

To enroll (Next Enrollment Date of April 1st):

  1. Request your FREE BrightDime access by completing a 1 minute survey.
  2. Receive your registration email from BrightDime and activate your account
  3. Start using the money tools, content and chat with a professional financial coach as soon as you sign in to BrightDime!

See below for BrightDime's 5 Bright Ideas (March 2021): 

5 Bright Ideas from BrightDime (March 2021): 

Most people think of April as tax time but you should be getting ready to file your taxes before that. Soon, in other words, if you haven’t already. We’ve got 5 quick articles to help you make tax time a breeze this year.

Get the most out of the money education and one-on-one financial coaching BrightDime provides! Sign into your BrightDime account or request a new account here.

What tax changes do I need to know about this year?

Every year taxes change at least a little bit. We’ve got you covered with 5 changes that could save you money this year. Read more.
How are you filing your taxes this year?

Tax preparer? DIY pencil and paper? Online service? You’ve got options, we’ve got tips to help you choose. Read more.

Could making more money mean you actually make LESS money?

There’s a common myth that making more money can raise your taxes so much you’ll actually be left with less money than before. Want to know the truth? Read more.

How well do you know how taxes work?

7 stubborn tax myths that won’t go away. Read more.

Do you have everything you need to do your taxes?

By now you should’ve received all of your tax documents. If you’re not sure if you’ve got them all this may help.  Read more.

Want to ask a question of your own? Sign in and chat with a financial coach

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email

Schick, George | 10/1/2020

New MSA Pro Benefit / Barry’s Restore It All Products

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We are excited to announce a new, exclusive MSA Pro benefit. 

As an MSA Pro member, you will now receive a 15% discount on Barry’s Restore It All Products and a 10% discount on iART Training Academy enrollment. Value of the 10% discount:


  1. Online course: $220 Discount
  2. In Class training: $350 Discount


You may not be familiar with these company names but you will most likely recognize them when we mention Scratch-B-Gone. Scratch-B-Gone has been the industry standard for stainless steel scratch and stain refinishing for over 15 years. 

Many of you have used this simple-to-use kit to get yourselves or techs out of a scratch damage situation. Many others of you have been accused of damaging stainless finishes or seen surface damages which you had wished you had a solution for your customer. For more information, please click here

Barry Feinman and his team have also created an ONLINE training Certification program to teach professional skills which will quickly allow you to offer Value-Add services, not to mention avoiding potential liability. For more information, please click here



MSA is proud to partner and offer the following exclusive benefits:

  • 15% OFF repair kits and supplies
  • Gain the confidence you need to establish customer satisfaction
  • UNLIMITED consulting access to Barry’s Whole Team of solutions providers
  • 10% OFF ONLINE iART Training Academy enrollment  (

To unlock your MSA discount today, please email for products and for training (please include your Marcone account number). 

If you are not yet an MSA member, you may click here  to register today. 

Invested in your success,

Your MSA Business Team 

Customer Success

1 City Place Drive Suite 400, Creve Coeur, MO 63141




Souers, Trevor | 9/25/2020

New MSA Pro Benefit / SW Messenger by ServicersWeb

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We are excited to announce our newest MSA Pro partnership with SW Messenger by ServicersWeb

SW Messenger by ServicersWeb is a multi-channel messaging app that lets you communicate with customers via text message, Live Chat, and Facebook Messenger from a single inbox.

Product Features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Inbound & Outbound SMS (Text Messaging)
  • Live Chat Integration for Your Website
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Text Now Button for Mobile to Encourage Messaging
  • More integrations coming soon!

What's your strategy for modern, text-driven communication? Get started with SW Messenger today to start providing customer service & scheduling via text, chat, and messaging!

MSA Pro Members save $80 / month with pricing of $95 / Month  - Start your 60-day Free Trial by clicking here (Non-MSA Pricing: $175 / Month). Simply enter your Marcone account number to unlock MSA preferred pricing. 

Please email with any questions or for additional information. 

If you are not yet an MSA Pro member and would like to register today, please click here

Invested in your success,

Your MSA Business Team 

Souers, Trevor | 7/27/2020

New MSA Business Benefit / JustPressOne Partnership

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MSA Business is excited to announce its newest MSA partnership, JustPressOne! 

JustPressOne supplies fully trained appliance office personnel. Inbound calls, outbound calls, routing and dispatching, claims processing and more. 

The best part is…
NO Payroll Complaints, Labor Issues, Workman’s Comp, Liability, Drama

• ServiceWorks Customers: 20% discount for active MSA members 
• Other Software Customers: 10% discount for active MSA members 

You pay a single flat rate for hours worked and that includes our state-of-the-art technology that reduces customer wait time with Smart Queues, texting, progressive dialers and analytics for active production monitoring.

For more information, please contact: