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Souers, Trevor | 3/23/2021

5 Bright Ideas from BrightDime (March 2021)

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To Our Valued MSA Pro Members, 

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See below for BrightDime's 5 Bright Ideas (March 2021): 

5 Bright Ideas from BrightDime (March 2021): 

Most people think of April as tax time but you should be getting ready to file your taxes before that. Soon, in other words, if you haven’t already. We’ve got 5 quick articles to help you make tax time a breeze this year.

Get the most out of the money education and one-on-one financial coaching BrightDime provides! Sign into your BrightDime account or request a new account here.

What tax changes do I need to know about this year?

Every year taxes change at least a little bit. We’ve got you covered with 5 changes that could save you money this year. Read more.
How are you filing your taxes this year?

Tax preparer? DIY pencil and paper? Online service? You’ve got options, we’ve got tips to help you choose. Read more.

Could making more money mean you actually make LESS money?

There’s a common myth that making more money can raise your taxes so much you’ll actually be left with less money than before. Want to know the truth? Read more.

How well do you know how taxes work?

7 stubborn tax myths that won’t go away. Read more.

Do you have everything you need to do your taxes?

By now you should’ve received all of your tax documents. If you’re not sure if you’ve got them all this may help.  Read more.

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