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1. HealthiestYou Membership (including spouse and dependents): HealthiestYou is technology that connects you to a doctor 24/7/365 to diagnose, treat and prescribe discounted medication, when medically necessary, over the phone or via the mobile-app. You and your dependents can speak with a doctor... for free, zero cost, zero copay at any time! Consultations are virtual by telephone or video conference. You can find providers in your area, price prescriptions, shop procedures and more... all from the comfort of your couch! No waiting room ever again! One complimentary HealthiestYou membership per MSA membership ($240 value). Additional HealthiestYou memberships are available (MSA Pro Members Only*) to your employees at $99 per employee per year) 

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2. Humana Dental & Vision partnership: As an MSA Pro member, you have access to world class, group insurance benefits via Humana. Our Humana partnership offers dental & vision care with No Waiting Periods. 

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3. Clever Rx Membership (Including spouse, dependents and employees): Clever Rx allows access to cost effective prescriptions for both daily and urgent needs at almost every U.S. pharmacy. If you pay anything at all for prescriptions, Clever Rx is worth a look. 80% of the time the cost of your prescriptions using Clever Rx will be cheaper than any other source including your copay(s) on your health insurance plan. Free membership for you and those you care about most to ensure you and your loved ones never go through the cold & flu season without proper care again! 

Simply download the Clever Rx mobile-app, enter the MSA/Clever Rx login information detailed below, and enjoy prescription savings at a pharmacy near you… or you may also click here on your mobile-device to auto enroll in our Clever RX program today!

* Clever Rx MSA group ID: 3001
* Clever Rx MSA member ID: 1001

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4. Kuhlmann Financial Services: As an MSA Pro member with 5 or more employees, you have access to MSA's insurance expert, Kuhlmann Financial Services. Kuhlmann Financial Services will provide complimentary health insurance & HR advisory. 

There is no risk to you; only the potential to save thousands of dollars, while increasing the quality of coverage and care. 

For more information regarding our no charge healthcare & HR consultation benefit, please email or click here to submit our MSA Health Insurance Advisory survey. Once submitted, an MSA representative will reach out to coordinate an exploratory phone call with our MSA Insurance Expert, Kuhlmann Financial Services

5. Trovia is an ICHRA-solution that has no case size minimums or participation requirements. An MSA member company with only one employee can participate in the health insurance program or two of 10 employees can participate and so on...There are no restrictions.  

MSA Health has partnered with Nexben to provide a state-of-the-art platform, Trovia, to shop for your health insurance needs. Thanks to a new federal ruling, enabling ICHRAs, employers of any size can now create the perfect health benefit package. This program is uniquely suited for companies with 1 to 50 employees.

Additional Key Features Include: 

  • GREATER $ CONTROL: Employers can confidently set their health plan budget year after year, while providing employees coverage no matter what their needs.
  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE: The doors are now wide open for employees to shop the insurance marketplace to find the coverage that best fits their needs.
  • EASY ADMINISTRATION: An intelligent portal lifts the administration burden by eliminating reoccurring Human Resource tasks and simplifying the employee management process.

Trovia Powered by Nexben Overview

If you are interested in exploring Trovia further, please submit the following MSA Health form: 

Trovia Powered by Nexben Health Insurance Form

Once submitted a Kuhlmann Financial Services representative will reach out to assist with the Trovia enrollment process.