MSA - Marcone Servicer's Association

Canadian Training Benefits

1. MSA World Profiles (additional complimentary MSA World profiles available, up to 10 total). 
(Only available to MSA members, add additional MSA World profiles "sub users" via MyMarcone. These MyMarcone sub users will have immediate access to MSAworld). MSA Pro members can purchase additional logins ($99/yr. per 10 additional MSA World logins)

2. Over 5.5k technical publications including archived training videos, product manual library & tech sheets (only available to MSA members)

  1. service manuals - 1587
  2. tech sheets - 1073
  3. mini manuals (GE tech sheets) - 389
  4. technical training presentations - 250
  5. troubleshooting manuals - 247
  6. wiring diagrams - 239
  7. training videos - 223
  8. parts manuals - 189
  9. service bulletins - 163
  10. fast track manuals - 147
  11. job aids - 109
  12. service pointers - 95
  13. installation instructions - 93
  14. use & care manuals - 84
  15. training manuals - 68
  16. training bulletins - 62
  17. error code charts - 51
  18. part instruction sheets - 41
  19. service tips – 40
  20. diagnostic sheets - 36
  21. service data sheets - 29
  22. service flashes - 26
  23. misc. categories – 275
  24. pre-recorded one-hour technical webinars hosted by MSA - 126
  25. Total MSA Product Resources – 5,516 (as of December 2021 and growing each day)

3. Ask-a-Trainer Technical Support Service. If you have a technical repair question or need assistance locating a technical repair document, MSA members can email MSA Certified Trainer <> and one of our MSA Certified Trainers will respond and assist within 24 business hours. 

4. Unlimited online access to live training webinars hosted four-six times per month (two-three training topics) by our MSA certified trainers, George Schick & Rick Kuemin. ($24.99 per live webinar for non-MSA members) 2021 MSA Training Schedule & Webinar Library: View / Download

5. Access to year-round, nationwide hands-on technical training by our MSA Certified Trainers. (One free attendee per class for MSA Pro membership & $29 per attendee for MSA Base membership / $129 for non-MSA members)

6. As an MSA Pro member, you receive a $30 discount on an annual membership.  

A Premium Membership includes:

  • UNLIMITED access to over 5,900 Repair Videos
  • Gain the confidence you need to establish customer satisfaction.
  • UNLIMITED access for your Whole Team*
  • *One account with access for 20 of your technicians

To unlock your MSA discount today, you may click here and enter your Marcone account number as your MSA Pro ID. 

  • MSA Pro Pricing: $369
  • Non-MSA Pricing: $399


7. Dyer Appliance Repair Academy Discount: MSA members receive a standing 10% discount on all Dyer Academy Training Courses. If MSA members are interested, please email your Marcone Representative or MSATraining <>. 






8. MSA Hotline Powered by Neli: MSA members have access to real-time, on-demand diagnostic and technical support via video chat thanks to our MSA Hotline Powered by Neli. If preferred, you may also schedule a Neli appointment.

MSA members have access to our Marcone-exclusive preferred Neli pricing ($33 per video call). These charges will be charged to your Marcone account at end of month.

Get tech help now by clicking the Neli Chat Widget on our MSA Product Resources page:

  1. One of our dedicated Neli customer service representatives will connect you with a Neli technician or book an appointment for you.
  2. The Neli tech will text you a link to start the video chat (or call) and look at the problem with you.
  3. Our app allows you and your Neli tech to annotate on your screen, live, to point out specific areas.