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2023 Flat Rate Labor Guide included with your MSA membership ($49.99 for Non-MSA Members)

JustPressOne (MSA Pro only) supplies fully trained appliance office personnel. Inbound calls, outbound calls, routing and dispatching, claims processing and more. 

JustPressOne Overview: View / Download

• ServiceWorks Customers: 20% discount for active MSA Pro members 
• Other Software Customers: 10% discount for active MSA Pro members

JustPressOne provides personalized front/back-office workforce services for home appliance service companies using fully trained, career-focused individuals eliminating your need to recruit, hire, train and maintain the resources for performing all administrative tasks associated with your service company.  This includes call center services, claims processing, parts ordering, service call routing and dispatching and much more. 

Never worry again about absenteeism, workman’s compensation, benefits, or the labor board. Just concentrate on delivering exceptional in-home appliance services, growing your service revenue, and increasing your bottom line.

* Discount applies to call center services.

For more information, please contact:

ServiceWorks is a state-of-the-art, simplified and complete solution for your dispatch, inventory, point of sale, accounting, and real time tracking. For SW pricing options (Starter, Plus, Ultimate) or to request a live demo, you may click here

* MSA Pro: 20% discount for the first year (w/ 2-week free trial), 10% discount every year after that… 

* Features include: Real-time tracking of technician’s position with no additional hardware needed, QuickBooks integration, cloud based with no installation needed, zero setup costs, route optimization using google maps.

For more information, please contact:

SearchKings (MSA Pro only) SearchKings is a Google Premier Partner that helps MSA Pro members generate new leads by leveraging Google Local Services Ads and Google Ads. 

Please click here for additional information pertaining to your MSA-exclusive SearchKings offer. To set up your SearchKings account today, please click here. MSA Pro members receive 3-months free.

Please email with any questions.

Airsled and MSA are proud to announce an exclusive offer for MSA members to receive 10% off Standard and Heavy Duty Airsled systems, accessories, parts and refurbishment services.

Airsled is a company that since 1982 has been manufacturing and selling portable, light-weight load movement solutions based on low-pressure, air film technology. All products are made in the USA at the Newark, DE facility. You can access the full online store at Shop Airsled. For refurbishment services, please call Airsled customer service at 1-800-AIRSLED (1-800-247-7533) to initiate the process. More details here about refurbishment services.

Are there any MSA program restrictions?

The program is only valid for MSA members. Please click here if you are not currently an MSA member and take advantage of this great discount! 

How can an Airsled system help me?

Airsled makes moving heavy, bulky appliances easier and safer in many situations. Read more at Airsled Benefits to understand the many ways Airsled can help you and your business deal with issues such as risk of property damage and employee safety.

Can I see an Airsled system in use to determine if its right for me?

Airsled has an extensive video library demonstrating its products being used to move many heavy objects including major residential appliances. Check out the videos at Airsled Videos.

Please email with any questions.

MA-Line: Access to a discounted suite of MA-Line tools & MSA member parts specials. Login to MyMarcone to access these discounts today!

Receive 10% off select items at Mark’s Wearhouse when you present your MSA-exclusive discount card.

Receive 10% off all Mr. Lube services with your MSA-exclusive discount card.

SW Messenger by ServicersWeb: SW Messenger by ServicersWeb is a multi-channel messaging app that lets you communicate with customers via text message, Live Chat, and Facebook Messenger from a single inbox.

Product Features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Business Text Messaging
  • Live Chat Integration for Your Website
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Google Messages Integration
  • Text Now Button for Mobile to Encourage Messaging
  • More integrations coming soon!

What's your strategy for modern, text-driven communication? Get started with SW Messenger today to start providing customer service & scheduling via text, chat, and messaging!

MSA Pro Members save $80 / month with pricing of $95 / Month  - Start your 30-day Free Trial by clicking here (Non-MSA Pricing: $175 / Month). Simply enter your Marcone account number to unlock MSA preferred pricing. 

SW Reputation by ServicersWeb: 

Grow your online presence & improve SEO! The SW Reputation platform features a simple interface, bulk operations, and multi-location capability to make managing (and growing) your online reviews a breeze!

  • Send review requests via SMS and/or Email
  • Monitor and respond to reviews from a single dashboard
  • Save time with Bulk Requests
  • Connect multiple maps with affordable pricing

Retail: $75/month (add $25/month per additional map)

MSA Pro Member Pricing: $50/month (add $25/month per additional map)

Barry’s Restore It All Products and iART Training Academy:

As an MSA Pro member, you will now receive a 15% discount on Barry’s Restore It All Products and a 10% discount on iART Training Academy enrollment. Value of the 10% discount:

  1. Online course: $220 Discount
  2. In Class training: $350 Discount

You may not be familiar with these company names but you will most likely recognize them when we mention Scratch-B-Gone. Scratch-B-Gone has been the industry standard for stainless steel scratch and stain refinishing for over 15 years. 

Many of you have used this simple-to-use kit to get yourselves or techs out of a scratch damage situation. Many others of you have been accused of damaging stainless finishes or seen surface damages which you had wished you had a solution for your customer. For more information, please click here

Barry Feinman and his team have also created an ONLINE training Certification program to teach professional skills which will quickly allow you to offer Value-Add services, not to mention avoiding potential liability. For more information, please click here

MSA is proud to partner and offer the following exclusive benefits:

  • 15% OFF repair kits and supplies
  • Gain the confidence you need to establish customer satisfaction
  • UNLIMITED consulting access to Barry’s Whole Team of solutions providers
  • 10% OFF ONLINE iART Training Academy enrollment  (

To unlock your MSA discount today, please email for products and for training (please include your Marcone account number).