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Schick, George | 10/1/2020

New MSA Pro Benefit / Barry’s Restore It All Products

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We are excited to announce a new, exclusive MSA Pro benefit. 

As an MSA Pro member, you will now receive a 15% discount on Barry’s Restore It All Products and a 10% discount on iART Training Academy enrollment. Value of the 10% discount:


  1. Online course: $220 Discount
  2. In Class training: $350 Discount


You may not be familiar with these company names but you will most likely recognize them when we mention Scratch-B-Gone. Scratch-B-Gone has been the industry standard for stainless steel scratch and stain refinishing for over 15 years. 

Many of you have used this simple-to-use kit to get yourselves or techs out of a scratch damage situation. Many others of you have been accused of damaging stainless finishes or seen surface damages which you had wished you had a solution for your customer. For more information, please click here

Barry Feinman and his team have also created an ONLINE training Certification program to teach professional skills which will quickly allow you to offer Value-Add services, not to mention avoiding potential liability. For more information, please click here



MSA is proud to partner and offer the following exclusive benefits:

  • 15% OFF repair kits and supplies
  • Gain the confidence you need to establish customer satisfaction
  • UNLIMITED consulting access to Barry’s Whole Team of solutions providers
  • 10% OFF ONLINE iART Training Academy enrollment  (

To unlock your MSA discount today, please email for products and for training (please include your Marcone account number). 

If you are not yet an MSA member, you may click here  to register today. 

Invested in your success,

Your MSA Business Team 

Customer Success

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