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Schick, George | 1/25/2021

W02212 TRAINING WEBINARS BY RICK KUEMIN - Refrigerator Pre-Diagnostics Training

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Increase your FTCs (First Time Completes) by attending our upcoming training webinar that will walk through a pre-diagnostics check list specific to refrigeration. This program has been designed for the original call taker (the initial touch point between you and your customer). 

The estimated cost of a service call is $55. This takes into account compensation, insurance, special equipment, etc.$55 assumes 100% FTCs when in fact FTCs hover around 50%, which doubles the average cost of a service call to $110. In short, FTCs are crucial to a service company's overall profitability.

Our live pre-diagnostics training session will guide call takers through the most important information when confronted with refrigeration issues (1. Problem or Complaint, 2. Possible Causes, 3. Customer Checks, 4. Possible Parts Needed). 

We'll have a Q&A at the end of our webinar with techs and call takers from across North America. Register to be a part of the training and discussion. 

Invested in your success, 

Your MSA Training Team

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