Tech Tip: OTR Repair for SE Error Code on Samsung Microwaves

OTR Repair for SE (5E) Error Code affecting models below:


When an SE error code is displayed on the OTR, the previous solution was to replace the SWITCH MEMBRANE or the ASSEMBLY CONTROL BOX. Due to various quality issues that occurred when the repair was performed using these parts, we will no longer provide the SWITCH MEMBRANE to complete this repair.

You cannot use the SWITCH MEMBRANE and the ASSEMBLY CONTROL BOX to repair microwaves with SE (5E) errors. These parts are no longer available as replacement parts.

To repair a microwave with an SE error on the front panel, replace the ASSEMBLY CONTROL PANEL instead. The ASSEMBLY CONTROL PANEL includes the SWITCH MEMBRANE, CONTROL PANEL, and WINDOW DISPLAY.



See the chart below for part numbers corresponding to models:



  1. Ed says

    My model # SMH1622B purchased from Lowes is not accounted for. I wonder why? I am also experiencing the error code SE. I have tried many different ways to deal with Samsung about the code. None of their input was constructive and much of their supposed support mechanisms were not comprehensive.

  2. Bob Bissinger says

    1)Unplug. 2)Take the touch panel down and see if the strip of flat wires that look like a ribbon is folded on itself. Unfold it, clean the ribbon wires if needed and put a piece of paper towel or non-conductive buffer of some sort so it does not make contact with itself again. You might also need to disconnect some of the electronics to “reset” it, but the ribbon trick fixed my problems. So easy!!

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