Want a Luxury Kitchen on the Cheap? Buy Used

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Want a Luxury Kitchen on the Cheap? Buy Used
by Jenny McGrath
February 25, 2015

We once knew a very wealthy woman whose homes (yes, plural) were in a constant state of renovation. What happened to the discarded antiques and appliances, we have no idea. Apparently she’s not alone in routinely redoing her rooms, but instead of banishing their barely used appliances to the landfill, a fair number are instead donating them to sites that resell them for far less than their brand-new counterparts. The rich get a tax break and save on removal fees, and the 99-percenters get high-end brands at a bargain.

Steve Feldman co-founded Green Demolitions in 2005, and it now encompasses Kitchen Trader, which allows homeowners to sell their kitchens directly to consumers, and donation program Renovation Angel. Green Demolition’s showroom is located in Fairfield, New Jersey, which has everything from kitchen appliances, cabinets, lighting, and décor, with up to 90-percent savings.


A mid-range luxury kitchen averages about $100,000 if everything’s new, Feldman tells KOMO News. Depending on how good of shape the used appliances are in and their aesthetic appeal, the price could drop to between $40,000 and $10,000.

Feldman’s 28-person team resells more than 600 kitchens every year, fulfilling the mission of the nonprofit, which he says is to “create jobs through recycling.” Each year, Renovation Angel also donates $50,000 to different charities.

If you’re looking for designer décor in other areas of your homeViyet sells pre-owned, high-end furniture through consignment. You can browse by style, brand, or room. Its buyers vet each item and guarantee its authenticity.

Google “architectural salvage” and your city, and you’re likely to come up with at least one place where you can pick up all sorts of reclaimed items, from doors to cabinets to marble. It definitely won’t all be luxe or in the best shape, but the prices are often rock bottom. It’s a great option for DIY-ers who want to keep this stuff out of the garbage dump.

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