Tech Tips by You: Round 2

Guy holding wrenchWhen we launched the new MSAWorld, we knew we wanted to feature a section of repair advice to servicers, from servicers. So we sent out a call for Tech Tip submissions—and you answered! Here’s the the second round of tips we received, all reviewed and approved by our expert technical trainer and Tech Tip creator, George Schick.

Let us know what you think. Have you used these tricks on your own calls? Will you on future calls? And do you have your own Tech Tip you’d like to see posted? If so, send it in with this simple form or via email. If yours is chosen, we’ll feature it on the site in the next round of Tech Tips by You!

From Dave Scholl
American Appliance Inc. | St. Petersburg, FL

TOPIC: Iced-over drains in Whirlpool top mount refrigerators

TIP: I go on several calls per month to service Whirlpool top mount refrigerators that are leaking, which is usually being caused by a frozen drain. I have found that by removing the drain trough, removing all ice and water, and completely drying the area, I never get call backs. It only takes maybe 10 extra minutes to do this but it solves the problem.

NOTE FROM GEORGE: I agree with Dave that you should remove all water, dry off the drain trough, and re-install it. I would also recommend—while it’s all apart anyway—to install the drain probe that the manufacturer recommends. It would only add a minute or two to the repair time and it would ensure the drain doesn’t freeze up in the future.

From John Breslin
J&B Appliance Service | Tallahassee, FL

TOPIC: Let the customer tell you what is wrong

TIP: First I listen closely to the customer’s complaint. I simply ask questions, including the make of the appliance because this sometimes give me an idea of the parts they’ll need. Then I schedule the service call, but I don’t give the customer too much information about the service needed just yet; rather I give a range of possible problems with the appliance. Once seeing and hearing the product for myself, I’ll know what’s wrong with it. Today there are way too many bells and whistles on these appliances that serve as easy breakdowns. The best tool servicers have is asking questions. Listen to the customer and the appliance to understand what the problem is in a short period of time for the best service and profit.


  1. says

    Dave before this gets big you should think about making it a subscription only site
    As I watched several electronics service tips web sites run into various problems.
    Eventually I migrated to tips sites that required verification of your technician status including eventual migration to pay tips sites.
    Open access invites lots of negative things like unsafe repairs, bad information,diy people who don’t have the prerequisite knowledge to do it safely or reliably, ect
    Not trying to tell you what to do but look at the damage caused to TV repair industry ,
    I will readily admit manufacturers bear alot of blame but diy and YouTube are also partly to blame as I am sure every one has watched a YouTube on how to rebuild your washer,_________,_________,,__________ and so on. Can’t be stopped but why give away our knowledge and info as that is just cutting our own profit margins.

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