Tech Tip: Repairing Tub Leaks in GE & Hotpoint Top Load Washers

Get the printable PDF here.

Identifying and repairing leaks in the tubs of GE and Hotpoint top load washer models identified below:


Open the front panel of the washer, and confirm that the tub is leaking. Water may be accumulating in the base pan, or “rusty” brown splash spots may appear on the base or the pump.

1Confirm that the leak is coming from the tub center bore underneath the tub. Water could be dripping from the tub bore onto the bottom of the tub, at the top of the shaft and tube-bearing retainer.

Next, check that the tub was made from Tub Cavity #9. This can be done by feeling for an embossed #9 on the front face of the tub and then using a flashlight to confirm.


The #9 will appear upside down and backwards, and will have a line above it. The #9 may look like “#d” because of how it’s positioned.


If the tub is leaking, both the tub and seal must be replaced. Replace the tub with part WH45X10111, and the seal with part WH02X10032.

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