Tech Tip: Programming GE Top-Load Washer Controls

Programming replacement control boards in GE top-load washing machines.

When replacing the control, the washer will not function properly until the replacement control has been programmed.

Once the control board has been replaced, it may sometimes power up with all of the UI LED lights blinking. If this is the case, follow only steps 7–10 below. Otherwise, follow all of the steps from the beginning.

1. Begin with the washer in idle mode (display blank).

2. Simultaneously press and hold the start button (on some models press start/pause) and rotate the cycle select knob eight clicks clockwise or counter-clockwise to enter Field Service Mode.

3. Once the machine is in service mode, the control should be in Test Selection Mode and display the test number according to the knob position. The default test number is 00.

4. Rotate the knob counter clockwise or clockwise until the display shows 01. NOTE: Rotating the knob counter-clockwise will decrease the test number in the display. Rotating the knob clockwise will increase the test number in the display.

5. Once 01 is showing on the seven segment display, press the start (or start/pause) button to initiate the Set Model Test. The digits on the seven segment display will begin blinking.

6. Simultaneously press and hold both the temp and spin buttons for three seconds to prepare the control for selecting the model.

7. Press the soil button to increase or press the temp button to decrease the model ID number selection until correct model ID number is displayed, per the table below.


8. Once the model is selected, press and hold [the start (or start/pause) button again for three seconds to set the model. The board will then return to an idle state and will exit the Service Mode.

9. The washer is now ready for use. NOTE: If an error is made in selecting the correct model number for the control, repeat the steps.


  1. says

    Effective timing is dulficift. It either fires in 2 seconds or 2 minutes and sometimes not at all. I will try to attach a piece of tape to the timing control to see if the problem is me, but I am not confident. I practice by myself hittnig the ball into a net and I cannot get back to the batting position in 6 or 8 seconds. I would be grateful for any advice you may have. Jerry Job

  2. Cathy says

    I have GE Profile Washer Model #WPRE6150K2WT….Serial #RT118926G The controls are narrow on one end and larger on other end. Which end is correct to use for setting controls…I have no manual and can’t fine #s on Google…HELP!!

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