Tech Hacker Creates Add-On Device to Make All Appliances Smart

In less than 24 hours at a New York City “hackathon,” Sam Harrell created CloudSense, a solution to retrofit any home appliance into a smart appliance.

“I wanted to get something that could bolt onto existing appliances and home infrastructure. The problem I see is we can’t afford to rebuild everything [in the house] to connect to the Internet,” Harrell said in an interview with TechCrunch.

Read the full TechCrunch article and watch Harrell’s presentation at the hackathon.

The ambitious project actually relies on straightforward IoT technology: basic hardware including sensors and an accelerometer, iPhone and Apple Watch apps, and the cloud. Harrell said the commercial version of CloudSense would include a pack of 10 or more small sensors that consumers simply stick to their existing appliances in order to monitor things like water usage and whether or not an appliance was left on.

Read more about CloudSense in the full article from TechCrunch.

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