New Dryer Eliminates 100% of Lint Fires

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New Dryer Technology Available to Consumers
August 11, 2014

A new clothes dryer, now being sold online, uses a heat transfer fluid that retains heat and thus saves energy during drying of back-to-back loads. It also eliminates 100% of lint-related dryer fires, according to producer Hydromatic Technologies Corp.

The dryer operates using a 2,500-watt heating system, and the company said that, compared to competitors’ 5,400-watt heating system, which helps save 35% on energy costs. 

The dryer uses an immersion heating element to heat non-combustible heat transfer fluid. The fluid is transferred to a fluid-to-air heat exchanger to create a large heated surface area. Ambient air is pulled passively through the heat exchanger, picking up discharged heat. The air is transferred into the interior drum of the dryer to dry clothing.

The proprietary heat transfer fluid retains heat between loads, so drying back-to-back loads creates additional energy savings.

The SafeMate Dryer (SKU: HED3500CAED), is sold on the company web site for $649.99.

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