MWM Exclusive: “How Do We Fix It” Tech Tip

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Your troubleshooting situation for this issue of Marcone World Magazine is about a gas range that is approximately eight years old. The customer’s complaint is that the oven won’t operate. They also report that the surface burners operate normally, and that they haven’t had any previous service problems with the range.

When you arrive, you confirm that the problem is as the customer described it, and as your first step in evaluating the operation of the range, you press the appropriate keypads in the necessary sequence to enter the diagnostic mode of the electronic control system. Searching the fault code memory, you find that the system has stored an F3 code.

After accessing the ERC (see the partial diagram), you proceed with an oven sensor test by disconnecting the harness from the appropriate pin connectors, and you read a resistance of 500 Ohms.

Your troubleshooting question: What is the next step you need to take in order to repair this gas range?
(Compare your answer to ours, which you’ll find below the diagram.)

How Do We Fix Answer MW Qtr1 2015 Fig1

Answer: The next step is to replace the oven sensor. A resistance reading below 950 Ohms indicates that it is open and unable to control the bake function of the range.

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