Marcone Pensacola Breaks MSA Records

An exciting update from one of our Southeast regional managers, Terry Jones:

What a great turnout for our MSA training and open house in Pensacola! This was a record turnout for any training. We had 83 techs in the training, plus over 135 customers in and out throughout the day for the Taste of Marcone event. Everyone enjoyed the food and fun that were going on. At lunchtime, customers lined up to take advantage of the sales, games, and interact with our GE rep Karen Lindquist, and all the Marcone representatives. Even the 20 degree weather did not stop the customers from coming in—they drove from miles around! Anyone who wasn’t yet an MSA member was ready to know how to get involved. The employees at the Pensacola counter (Stacie, Amy, Janette, Nancy, Melissa and Pat) did a fine job, and MSA trainer Rick Keumin said this was one of the best events he’s seen. GREAT JOB CREW!

Breaking records on MSA training attendance in Pensacola, FL

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