HEROES Care Honors Marcone for “Outstanding Support of Military Families”

BCSM-Dewayne-Keel-at-MSA-Convention-1024x684At January’s MSA Convention, attendees welcomed special guest Battalion Command Sergeant Major Dewayne Keel, a decorated Army serviceman who has spent three tours in Iraq as part of his ongoing, near 30 year career. BCSM Keel, speaking to convention-goers about how helping military families can transform lives and make deployments more bearable, was part of an emotional award ceremony recognizing Marcone for its continued commitment to HEROES Care.

The non-profit military support network HEROES Care was the MSA Convention featured charity, a capstone on a recent fundraising campaign undertaken by Marcone that netted over $22,000 in donations. The care package drive to which those funds were allocated paid for more than 550 boxes full of comfort items to be delivered for the holidays to soldiers serving overseas. As BCSM Keel noted, “[The packages] boost morale and make my soldiers’ lives easier. You are providing a caring presence in the lives of those who need it most.”

Marcone-and-HEROES-Care-award-300x207HEROES Care President Jon Jerome and Vice Chairman Dave Woolley were also at the event to honor the many Marcone customers, employees, and family members who contributed to the campaign, and to acknowledge the company’s commitment to HEROES Care and the families it helps sustain. A room of over 400 attendees watched as Marcone President Jim Souers was presented with a commemorative American flag that had been flown in Afghanistan on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks. The flag itself is distinguished and came with its own story: While soldiers in BCSM Keel’s command in Afghanistan saluted this flag in remembrance of 9/11, the area came under mortar fire—yet soldiers held their salute while subject to enemy combat. The flag bears a visible burn to this day.

Another flag featured prominently at the ceremony and throughout the entire convention. A 16-foot American flag created the backdrop for the convention space and served as another reminder of Marcone’s 
dedication to the armed forces. A star within the flag bears Marcone’s name as recognition for another $1,000 contribution to HEROES Care. The flag was shown in the Missouri capitol rotunda in Jefferson City during the week of Veterans Day in 2013. It’s now touring military facilities around Missouri, and will later be “put on permanent display in a place of great honor,” according to Dave Woolley.

HEROES-Care-and-Marcone-300x200As one part of Marcone’s longstanding corporate social responsibility efforts for military support organizations, the company is continuing its charity towards HEROES Care into the new year. Over just three days at the MSA Convention, more than $4,000 in donations was raised from MSA members, Marcone customers and staff, and appliance manufacturer partners.

To all of you, we want to say thanks for your tremendous giving and kindness. We’d especially like to recognize the substantial donations from MSA members Rob Chambers and Mike Sheahan, as well as Reckitt Benckiser and representative Diane Hoffmann. Your generosity means so much.

“We cannot do what we do without the support of those who see value in our mission. It is with heartfelt gratitude that we honor the leadership and associates of Marcone for their outstanding support of military families. Thank you for providing help and hope when it is needed most.” —HEROES Care Vice Chairman, Dave Woolley

About HEROES Care:
This partnership of national charities provides a support network to military members and their families. Through a system of one-on-one caregiving, military families receive services before, during, and after deployment. Emergency financial aid, mental health care, and job placement are just a few of the threads in the safety net HEROES Care creates for those who dedicate their lives to keeping the country safe. Learn more at heroescare.org.

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