AHAM Says DoE Proposed Energy Standards Won’t Work

A recent article from Appliance Design Magazine outlines why the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) is urging the Department of Energy to scrap its proposal on new dishwasher energy efficiency standards.

The proposed guidelines are aimed at saving energy, of course, but also claim to save consumers money. However, AHAM argues that up to 70% of consumers would wind up with a net financial loss if they purchase appliances that meet the new standards. The AHAM analysis estimates the environment would suffer too, as consumers would pre-rinse dishes more often and select heavier wash cycles—behavior modifications that could lead to more than 60 billion gallons of extra water used each year.

Read the full article here.

According to AHAM president Joseph McGuire, “The energy conservation standard DOE has proposed, as it stands, will threaten the existence of popular and energy efficient models of dishwashers installed in millions of U.S. households today.”

There’s no doubt consumers are increasingly interested in lowering their environmental impact, along with their energy and water bills. Somewhere between those two motivations, appliance manufacturers and regulatory agencies will have to find common ground. It will be interesting to see where the ongoing discussions lead the industry.

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