MSA Team Members

Rick Vogel

Vice President

With MSA since it’s founding, Rick serves an integral role in driving the continued growth and success of the organization.

“After 15 years in the finance and sales side of the technology industry and several years working with Marcone as a vendor-partner I decided to take on the challenge from a user’s perspective.  I joined the Marcone family in 1992 as the Director of Technology and have enjoyed the fast and innovative pace over the past 20 years.  I have been involved in the success of many aspects of the company from Technology, Marketing, SwiftLink, Marcone World magazine and, of course, MSA.

Currently I am responsible for our Call Center sales and operations, along with the challenge of providing our customers the “World Class Service” they deserve.  Coupled with the excitement of being involved in the continuing evolution and progress of Marcones Servicers Association, my personal experience with Marcone has been a non-stop positive adventure.”

Jim Souers


With over 30 years at Marcone under his belt, Jim not only believes “Good people make a Great Company” – he lives it.

“My experience in accounting and computer science as well as previous positions at the company in Corporate Operations, Inventory and Marketing helped prepare me to becoming President and CEO. It’s important for me to have a strong team around me, and I am lucky to have the premier management team in the industry.

Operating efficiently and effectively is key, and can be achieved with a philosophy of “Focus, Have Fun, Argue with Facts, Significance of Impact and Constant Improvement.” I hope to continue to build on Marcone’s reputation of being the industry’s most innovative and technologically advanced company by introducing new products and services to the marketplace.”

Ashley Blaske

Chief Marketing Officer

As Marcone’s director of marketing, Ashley understands the true culture of the firm. She has crafted countless communication vehicles to share the truth — that Marcone has the unique goal of elevating the industry, one individual at a time.

“MSA is the heartbeat of Marcone. I’ve been fortunate to be able to help MSA deliver on our passion and devotion to the industry. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to put our knowledge to use in helping to educate this incredible community. I know that the only way to be innovators is to know what the people that make up the industry are feeling and thinking. My role is to make sure that we are communicating our values — that leadership in this industry is about making the independent service company your first priority. MSA offers opportunity for learning and growth I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I’m excited to know the amazing members and vendors that make it work.”