Appliance King Sends Relief Supplies to Florida Panhandle in Wake of Hurricane Michael

With hurricanes battering the Southeast and the most recent Hurricane Michael slamming into the Florida panhandle, it was clear that the devastation after the storm had passed was beyond what was expected in the days before the storm. After the skies cleared, ordinary civilians and government workers began the cleanup process and donations from across the country began their way to the areas hardest hit by the category 5 hurricane, and to the citizens that did not or could not get out of the path of the storm in time.

David with Appliance King in West Palm Beach, Florida was quick to take action by reaching out to Marcone’s Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Saul Flores.

David with Appliance King called me and said he was collecting Pampers and wipes for the affected victims of Hurricane Michael that destroyed the Florida Panhandle. He wanted to see if I could help in anyway, so I say ‘yeah, sure’ and we went to our local Costco and purchased a bunch of supplies.” Flores said. “You know these are small but significant supplies that we sometimes take for granted until they are depleted.”

Together they filled up David’s truck and embarked Saturday morning for Pensacola to hand out supplies.

It felt great to be able to help others in time of need.” Said Flores.

This story and so many more are great examples for how we present ourselves and give back to our communities. It’s people like David and Saul that selflessly set the bar of excellence high and strive to better their organizations, the industry, community, nation, and world. Thank you!

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